The Weldon Project and National Cannabis Roundtable Launch Cannabis Clemency Campaign

Oklahoma Appleseed

NCR and The Weldon Project have been working with Oklahoma Appleseed for the purpose of preparing multiple petitions for individuals currently incarcerated because of cannabis convictions. The objective would be to hand-deliver these petitions as a group to the newly appointed pardon attorney so that they can then be presented to the president for action as an entire category versus person by person. We’ve turned these around in the span of six weeks at the price of approximately $500 per individual, which is an incredibly low-cost approach toward expediting individuals currently incarcerated for marijuana convictions to be able to finally return to their homes, families, lives, and livelihoods.

Learn more about the people we have been able to help here.

White House

NCR supports the ongoing efforts to employ the federal clemency process to correct lingering injustices and to ensure a more efficient and fair system. Click HERE for details on NCR’s Cannabis Clemency Initiative proposed to the Biden Administration to help those still incarcerated in federal prison for cannabis offenses.

Cannabis Criminal Justice & Clemency Symposium

NCR co-lead an in-person, invite-only Symposium on Capital Hill with lawmakers and leading experts on criminal law and policy to discuss clemency policy and criminal justice reform within the current landscape of U.S. cannabis law. Click HERE for details on the Symposium Agenda.

Clemency Petitions

NCR, The Weldon Project and Oklahoma Appleseed collaborated on the preparation and filing of multiple clemency petitions, as well as filing of additional legal and advocacy memorandum for individuals currently incarcerated because of cannabis convictions.


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