Our Responsibility Pledge

All member company CEOs of the National Cannabis Roundtable (NCR) pledge to steward an inclusive industry, with each member contributing in a unique and positive way to address the harms of the failed, decades-long War on Drugs. Below are the ideals for the industry as established by the Board of Directors:

  1. Actively supports social justice reforms, and the decriminalization of cannabis
  2. Comprised of, and supported by a diverse group of owners, investors, professional services providers, suppliers, and vendors
  3. Invests in an inclusive workforce, especially seeking to engage those who have been adversely impacted by the failed War on Drugs
  4. Promotes access for people who have suffered from disparities in access to healthcare

To view NCR’s Corporate Social Responsibility Pledge please click here.

Corporate Social Responsibility Taskforce

Drew Carter
GC and Chief Compliance
and Regulatory Officer
Kim Rivers
Christopher Jensen
MANA Supply