Advancing 21st Century cannabis policy in the United States


The legal cannabis boom promises to contribute billions of dollars to the US economy over the next decade - creating jobs, advancing new health science and adding momentum to criminal justice reform.

The National Cannabis Roundtable promotes common sense federal regulation, tax equality and financial services reform and supports changing federal law to acknowledge states’ rights to regulate and manage cannabis policy.


The cannabis economy is growing rapidly.

U.S. consumer spending on legal cannabis reached $10.4 billion dollars in 2018. Even if no other states reform their laws, cannabis spending is expected to top $26 billion by 2025. If cannabis were legal in all 50 states, it could create 1 million new jobs by 2025*.
*Source: New Frontier Data

The American people’s attitude towards cannabis has changed quickly too.

In late 2018, a Gallup poll showed two-thirds of Americans support the legalization of cannabis in some form.

All this momentum underscores the immediate need for sound policy prescriptions to fully realize the potential for regulated cannabis in the American economy.


Remove federal restrictions that prohibit medical research involving cannabis. Encourage the development of solutions that will improve the lives of veterans and patients and combat the opioid epidemic in the United States.

Allow companies operating legally in the cannabis industry to utilize traditional institutions for transactions and access to financial markets.

Correct flaws in the US tax code that serve as barriers to legal commerce in the cannabis industry and prohibit the development of solutions that can improve Americans’ lives.

Build support for, and secure enactment of, federal legislation allowing states and territories to set and enforce their own laws governing cannabis.


The membership of the National Cannabis Roundtable represents every aspect of the cannabis supply chain. Our members operate in 23 states with legal cannabis programs, including the District of Columbia. We are growers, processors, retailers, wellness centers, investors, entrepreneurs, and publicly traded companies.

The National Cannabis Roundtable is Chaired by former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives John A. Boehner.

Kevin Murphy,

Kevin P. Murphy is currently a Managing Member of High Street Capital Partners Management, the Managing Member of Acreage Holdings and Chief Executive Officer of Acreage Holdings.

Prior to his role at Acreage Holdings, Mr. Murphy was most recently a Founding Member and Managing Partner of Tandem Global Partners, a boutique investment firm focused on the emerging markets. Previously Mr. Murphy was Managing Partner at Stanfield Capital Partners, where he served as a member of the Operating and Management team that oversaw all aspects of Stanfield’s business, including risk management, sales and distribution, client services, legal, compliance and operations. Mr. Murphy also previously worked at Gleacher NatWest (Partner and Dir. of Marketing), Schroders (Sr. VP of Sales), Lazard Freres (VP) and Cantor Fitzgerald (VP). Mr. Murphy graduated with a B.A. from Holy Cross College.

Chanda Macias,
First Vice Chair

Dr. Chanda Macias, MBA, PhD, is the Owner and General Manager of the National Holistic Healing Center Medical Marijuana Dispensary (NHHC) in Washington, DC. NHHC is a patient advocated company dedicated to providing individuals with debilitating medical conditions with alternative allopathic medicine. NHHC provides patient education and support, medical marijuana and medical marijuana infused products to qualifying patients or designated caregivers in compliance with the DC Department of Health.

Chanda earned her PhD from Howard University in 2001 with a concentration in Cell Biology. She was extensively trained at the Howard University Cancer Center and evolved her studies to focus on developing a model to understand prostate cancer bone metastasis (Macias et al., 2002).

Chanda was recruited from graduate school to Colgate Palmolive to research oral diseases and possible treatment options. Chanda’s innovative research at Colgate Palmolive resulted in three U.S. Patents and eleven Global Patents (World Intellectual Property Organization).

Christopher Jensen,

Christopher Jensen – known to most as “CJ” – is a passionate entrepreneur with a successful track record of driving revenue and building companies in both publicly and privately-held environments. In 2008, at the height of the Great Recession, CJ founded TrustPoint International, a legal technology services firm. Under his leadership - and despite the challenging economic conditions - the company would grow to $60M in revenue in less than four years with 13 US locations and clients from around the world. As President of TrustPoint, CJ oversaw several mergers and acquisitions which lead the company to a $100M revenue run rate prior to exiting and selling his interest in 2013.

The following year, CJ co-founded Mana Supply Co, a medical cannabis company based in Maryland. After opening the doors of its first retail operation in the Annapolis area in 2018, Mana has quickly become one of the top revenue-producing dispensaries in the state. The company recently opened their second retail operation and intend to open two others in Maryland by the end of 2019.

Saphira Galoob,
Executive Director

Saphira Galoob is Principal and CEO of The Liaison Group (TLG) and serves as the Senior Public Policy Advisor and Executive Director of the National Cannabis Roundtable.

Following more than two decades as a lawyer, lobbyist, entrepreneur and small business owner, Saphira founded The Liaison Group in 2016 to establish a focused and dedicated voice for cannabis industry interests in Washington, and to serve as a bridge to federal efforts for the many stakeholders operating at local and state levels.

Saphira received her Juris Doctorate from the Oklahoma City University School of Law and a Masters in International and Comparative Law (L.L.M.) from Georgetown University School of Law. She regularly speaks on federal cannabis policy at events around the country.

W. Caffey Norman

W. Caffey Norman represents a number of foreign governments and financial institutions in connection with legal problems and policy issues arising out of their investments and activities. He is active in assisting foreign governments and central banks develop regulatory frameworks and in representation before US policymakers in Washington DC.

He has assisted several clients in connection with gaining access to the US banking/payments system. If there is a single theme in his practice, it is helping clients evaluate and address risk where governmental action is involved, particularly in crisis situations.

Terry Holt

Terry Holt, a founding partner at HDMK, has led public affairs campaigns at the international, national and local levels, including two winning presidential campaigns. He has worked across the public policy spectrum; including energy, health care, telecommunications, financial services and real estate.

Holt brings a wealth of insight into the intersection of public affairs and politics and specializes in translating complex policy objectives into the compelling themes and messages needed to win. Because of his broad experience and vision, he has provided long-term communications and media strategy for several chief executives at leading trade associations and corporations.

Holt has thirty years of experience in politics and public service, including his time as a senior communications strategist and spokesman for the 2000 and 2004 Bush/Cheney presidential campaigns. He has worked in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. In the House, he was Communications Director for former Speaker John Boehner, Majority Leader Richard Armey, and Budget Committee Chairman John Kasich. In the Senate, he worked as Deputy Press Secretary on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for Richard Lugar from Indiana. Holt is also a veteran of the Republican National Committee and the National Republican Congressional Committee.

Terry frequently appears on top-rated news and opinion programs, including The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino (FOX), Out Front with Erin Burnett (CNN), NPR, and the BBC, among others. He lives in Alexandria, VA with his wife, Cook, and son, Dylan.

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Special thanks to New Frontier Data for providing data for the National Cannabis Roundtable.

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