Our Work.


Since the October 6, 2022, directive by President Biden for federal agencies to expeditiously review the appropriateness of cannabis being classified in the most restrictive CSA schedule, NCR has been instrumental in advocating for and informing the heads of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) as to the scientific facts and medical value of cannabis meriting its reclassification to at least Schedule III – understanding the limitations of the authority of HHS and DOJ when it comes to the CSA and urging the DEA to follow the scientific findings of HHS and the FDA in this process. (Click here to view the NCR memo to HHS Secretary Becerra and here for the NCR letter to DEA Administrator Milgram).


In the 118th Congress, the National Cannabis Roundtable remains actively engaged with lawmakers and staff on Capitol Hill, working to move federal cannabis reform measures forward. This includes leadership on the SAFE/SAFER Banking Act, Small Business Tax Equity Act, Veterans Equal Access Act, HOPE Act, PREPARE Act, STATES Act 2.0, and appropriations language. NCR also led a cannabis industry coalition letter sent to Senate Banking Committee Chairman Brown and Ranking Member Scott calling for swift consideration of SAFE Banking, and to ensure the bill went through regular order and addressed issues related to access to capital. The letter can be found here. NCR also organized and hosted a coalition briefing for congressional staff on the SAFE Banking Act, featuring members of Congress and industry leaders. Coverage can be found here.

Social Justice.

All member company CEOs of the National Cannabis Roundtable pledge to steward an inclusive industry, with each member contributing in a unique and positive way to address the harms of the failed, decades-long War on Drugs. Below are the ideals for the industry as established by the Board of Directors:

  • Actively supports social justice reforms and the decriminalization of cannabis
  • Comprised of, and supported by a diverse group of owners, investors, professional services providers, suppliers, and vendors
  • Invests in an inclusive workforce, especially seeking to engage those who have been adversely impacted by the War on Drugs
  • Promotes access for people who have suffered from disparities in access to healthcare

To view NCR’s Corporate Social Responsibility Pledge please click here. To view NCR’s inaugural CSR Report, click here

NCR and The Weldon Project partnered with Oklahoma Appleseed to prepare petitions for individuals currently incarcerated because of cannabis convictions. In December of 2022, this Cannabis Clemency Campaign turned around more than a dozen petitions, delivering them as a group to the U.S. Pardon Attorney to then be presented to the President for action as an entire category rather than on an individual basis and expediting the process for individuals currently incarcerated for cannabis convictions to be able to finally return to their homes, families, lives, and livelihoods. To learn more about the cannabis clemency applicants, click here.