Promise of Cannabis Reform Improves, New Senate Bill a Historic Step

\”The Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act is a historic step on the road to federal cannabis reform. It is a thoughtful, comprehensive approach which seeks to address the complex issues, while unlocking the potential benefits that a vibrant cannabis policy framework can bring.”

“Over the weeks to come we are committed to working with the bill authors, allies and all other policy makers to address the full array of objectives, from economic benefits to social justice, industry growth, and consumer protections.”

“Cannabis remains one of the most popular issues for voters across the country.  The American people are hungry for change and looking forward to the jobs, the community investment and righting the past wrongs in our justice system. American political leaders can now step up and provide results.”

“As the sponsors begin their work today, we congratulate them on their work and we are optimistic about the debate to come.”

See NCR\’s release here.